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Lawson Brown Interact Meeting Report 2017.02.13

Dr Jeff Ilsley greeted the interactors and introduced me, Rtn Dane Doubell, to the class as the new Rotary liaison for 2017. He gave a brief talk about the Rotary Club’s involvement with Interact and commended Mrs. Robertha Nazer’s effort in keeping up the activity of a thriving club.

After Jeff Ilsley left, I greeted the students and explained that I would like to observe the meeting as it would normally happen. I enquired about the current activity, which was crocheting. I learned that a target of 50 small blankets had been set and that these would be donated to the less fortunate for a winter donation, providing ample time to meet the goal.

Teacher Robertha Nazer and the Lawson Brown interact

Mrs. Nazer continued to explain the process of crocheting, presumably leading on from the previous meeting. I observed groups of learners assist one another in a relaxed environment, which would certainly have a positive effect on memory retention of the skill.

Crocheted Scarf

I went from group to group to discuss the Interact’s activities.

Learning to Crochet

Lawson Brown Interact Club meeting

Meetings are held every Monday at 2:30pm to 4:00pm.  The Interact president for this current year is Kim Fry.  The club has 67 members (24 were present – 36% attendance). Students in attendance change depending on other extramural activities. Sometimes treats are planned for the following meeting; This week, orders were placed for Muffins at the next meeting, noting that learners who order must bring R5.

Mrs. Nazer is an excellent teacher, displaying patience when trying to impart a tricky technical skill. It is also encouraging to see learners taking her lead in assisting fellow Interactors.


I was pleased to see the Interact in action at Lawson Brown. It will require a few more visits to gain more insight into the club, but today was a good step in the right direction. I thanked Mrs. Nazer for the hour she had allowed for spectatorship. The next visit will be the 6th March and subsequently each month on the first Monday for half an hour.

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