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Rotary Algoa Bay Fundraiser – The Muck Run

The Rotary Club of Algoa Bay sold Boerewors rolls at the Muck Run this weekend as a club fundraiser. What a great way to celebrate fellowship and raise funds to support our project. 

Happy Birthday Rotary Club Aloga Bay

On the 11th April 2017, our Rotary Club celebrated their annual charter Dinner.  on This year, the club turned 59!

During the evening, Rtn Tommy Bornman addressed the club about his work and in marine biology.  A new member was also inducted – welcome  Placide Ebongue.

Movers&Shakers:- 6 Oct.2015

Louis Rossouw and Johann van der Walt went to Vosburg on their annual Weg/Ry Bull Run trip. This year they went with a Merc and chose as their theme to go as Lucha Libre Wrestlers. They won the “Gees beker” and a price of over R2 000 for their effort out of a 120 teams! Well done boys- keep it up!!

For a good laugh and more information on this visit and like their Facebook page at:




  Louis extreme left in red and blue and Johann in black second from right


rowwer 2

Johann contemplating the teams next move on the “pan”

Congratulations to Kevin Mills on becoming a grandfather for the first time! Enjoy this special time.



Mike Wood went sailing around the Greek islands and commented on the progress made with maintenance and upkeep of the islands in comparison to a few years ago when he also visited Greece.




Roy Jones and his wife had a lovely eight day break to the Seychelles- you lucky fish!





MOVERS&SHAKERS:- 8 Sept. 2015

Cameron Scott and Tony Oshry had an amazing sailing trip around the Seychelles Islands. Beautiful moments were captured with a camera. The trip saw an awful lot of eating and not a great amount of sailing!


Movers&Shakers:18 August 2015

Peter LongPeter Long’s daughter and son in law did the half iron man in Mallorca Spain,but she hit a cat and damaged her bike. It was sort of fixed, but only had one gear for the rest of the race. Her husband caught up with her but 1 km before the end of the race she passed out and had to be taken to hospital in Spain. His son in law ran to the hospital as he was not allowed to accompany his wife in the ambulance –a distance of 5km instead of finishing the race with 1km left! They then booked for Durban to run the Iron man as his daughter was determined to finish an Iron man. Great news is that they both completed the Iron man in Durban. The Durban Iron man is not as well run as our local PE Iron man. Peter’s son in law did the event in 5h11min and his daughter 7 hours – well done!!







Gareth Chamier  Gareth Chamier shared about his family holiday to the West Coast. They also took the children to Disney on Ice in Cape Town. It was a great show, but the popcorn was R90 a box!!!! Crazy. They also went to Langebaan, St. Helena Bay and many other beautiful places along the West Coast.



6     5



Movers & Shakers:- 17 February 2015

Ken Munro and Bill Williams had a lovely break away to Umngazi River Mouth with their wives. The trip was aimed at doing at little as possible, which was achieved!

Umgasi                     Umgasi'


Well done to Moya Rossouw for being elected as the Chairperson of SEDRA (South Eastern Dispute Resolution Association), an association aimed at the training of mediators and providing mediation services to the public. Over 60 legislative pieces in South Africa requires compulsory mediation before parties to a dispute can resort to litigation making SEDRA’s efforts all the more invaluable.


Moya Rossouw




Movers & Shakers:- 10 February 2015

Poor Godfrey van Graan lost a finger in an unexpected altercation with a very angry dog at one of his work sites.

Godfrey Van Graan

Movers & Shakers:- 3 February 2015

In preparation for the up and coming Argus Cycle Race in March, Jeff Ilsley, Les Kirkland and Cameron Scott all participated in the Herald Cycle race. Everyone experienced it as a difficult race due to the wet weather conditions which made visibility difficult.




In addition, Jeff celebrated his 70th birthday with his family at the Storms River chalets. Jeff’s three sons’ lives in different parts of the world, but all visited for the celebrations, which made it extra special. One of his birthday presents was a tandem skydiving jump with one of his son’s at Plettenberg bay- not bad for an old timer!




Trevor Long’s luck turned (after last week’s whole in one!) when he fell into his own pool while he cleaned it.

Trevor Long

Congratulations to Jeff Stafford who was elected as the President of the Humewood CPU!


Jeff Stafford



Movers & Shakers:- 27 January 2015

For the second time in his life Trevor Long hit a whole in one at the Humewood Golf Club. His previous time was on 2 February 2000. Well done Trevor!

Humewood                Humewood 1

Movers & Shakers:- 20 January 2015

Gianna Doubell watch the acclaimed WarHorse in Cape Town on New Year’s Eve. The South African production had its first run at the Grahamstown Festival and soon rose to fame at London’s West End in 2007. It is said to have been seen by over 1 Million people. Something to be proud of was a local PE boy, Richard Vorster, who currently plays one of the leads in the show as the horse Joey!


Warhorse                             Warhorse2


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