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FNB Wine Show

A BIG thank you to OutSorceress Marketing and the following FNB Wine Show exhibitors who donated wine to the Algoa Bay Rotary Club:
Rijk’s; Babylonstoren; Fleur du Cap; Valdo Prosecco; Krone; Robertson; Steenberg; Zonnebloem; Prestons (Plamenco Sangria); Journey’s End; La Bri; Diemersfontein; Vondeling; Durbanville Hills; The Tin Mine; Zevenwacht; Cape Chamonix; Glen Carlou; Spier; Dombeya; Blaauwklippen; Haute Cabrière (Pierre Jourdan); Fairview

Big Draw

Congratulations to all the lucky Big Draw cash prize winners!
R18 000 V. Watson-Smith
R 5 000 Wayne Hart
R 2 000 Kevin Gripper

Drakensberg Boys Choir

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the following people for hosting the Drakensberg Boys Choir!
Paul Leonard
Keith Baylis
Vernon Naidoo
Tommy Bornman
Steve Howard
Trevor Long
Nick Wilmot
Liz Prins
Placide Ebongue
Fred Roberts
Kathryn Loubiere
Moya and Louis Rossouw
Naomi Stacey
Jeanne-Marie Lombard
Deidre Burger
Michelle de Abreu
Melissa Butler
Nikki Benadie
Paul Lemal
Stephen Els
Melanie Damhuis
Joe Oosthuizen


Big Draw – Standard Terms and Conditions

1. The competition and giveaways are open to South African residents
over 18 years old.
2. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered
3. Prizes other than cash, may not be converted into cash.
4. Any incidental costs are not included in the prize.
5. The closing date is 23 November 2016 and no late entries will be
6. By completing any details or providing your contact details you give us
permission to communicate with you via these channels.
7. Deliver of prizes takes 6 weeks after notification.

Big Draw – 26 November 2015

Save the date!

Thursday evening 26 November 2015 is our annual Big Draw at Grey Junior School.

This is a massive event.

The cost is a donation of R350 (for two people).

This includes snacks, free drinks and you will be entered in a draw.

First prize is R18 000 cash.

Great value for money and it all goes for a good cause.

Please contact  Jeanne-Marie Lombard  on 082 334 1595 if you want to purchase a ticket.


Golf Day – 10 September 2015

The Rotary Club of Algoa Bay is committed to helping the community of the Nelson Mandela Metropole.

Our work is funded by our members, outside donors and market investments.

Our two biggest annual fundraising events are our Golf Day and our Big Draw.

Details of our annual Golf Day:
PE Golf Club (known by locals as “The Hill”)
Thursday 10 September 2015
36 Fourballs
Cost per Fourball R1 800 (golf, half way house voucher, three course meal)

Any donation, auction item or prize or cash towards the day would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Jeanne-Marie Lombard on 082 334 1595 for more details.

Charity Golf Day

Get your golf clubs out and your golf shoes on and support our annual Charity Golf Day.

  • Humewood Golf Club
  • Thursday 26 June 2014
  • 26 Fourballs (4 golfers per fourball)
  • Cost per Fourball R1 600 (golf, wine, dinner)



You do not have to enter a Fourball to advertise. If you want to donate R400 towards the day without entering a Fourball you can advertise your company.



Auction or prize items (weekend trips, sporting memorabilia, etc) and donations will be most welcome.


Contact Adrian Bleske 083 307 4151 /


Your participation in our annual Charity Golf Day will support various projects in the Nelson Mandela Metropole.

More information regarding the projects we support are available on request.


Golf Day Report



Fundraising Projects




PROJECT 1: The Ubuntu Education Trust for the children of SA.


Ubuntu Education Trust is dedicated to providing more than 40 000 vulnerable children and their families with life-saving health services and essential educational resources. Based in the townships of Port Elizabeth and focused solely on Port Elizabeth, the trust has developed a sustainable model for community development.

The Ubuntu Trust is currently completing a 2200 sq. metre environmentally friendly, multi-purpose community centre which will allow for the provision of centrally located, free and accessible social services under one roof.

Some aspects of the service include:

o   Educational support through job placement, scholarships internships

o   Mentorship services for learners

o   Career guidance

o   Training of over 600 teachers in computer literacy, curriculum and library sciences

o   Lifeskills

o   Community HIV prevention

o   Voluntary Counseling and testing

o   HIV treatment literacy and prevention education

o   Case management services to 350 families

o   Holiday camps

o   Counseling and referral service to over 3000 children

o   Community vegetable gardens

o   Legal advocacy

The Ubuntu Model has been in operation since 1999 and has a staff of over 53 serving 40 000 children, youth and adults with life saving HIV services and essential educational resources.

Rotary Club of Algoa Bay Project – Computer Laboratory

Computers                                 37  @  R 3952 = R 146 250.00

Printers                                       5    @  R 2000 = R   10 000.00

Data Projector                          1     @  R 7000 = R     7 000.00

Computer Desks                      37   @  R 608   = R   22 500.00

Chairs                                           75   @  R 130    = R     9 750.00

Tables for group study          5   @  R 1000   = R     5 000.00

Closed Back shelving              5   @  R 3500  = R     3 500.00

Media Storage Cabinets         5    @ R  3000  = R   15 000.00

Dry Erase Board                        1    @ R    100   = R       100.00

Projector Screen                       1    @ R    500   = R      500.00

Television                                    1    @ R  2500   = R    2500.00

DVD Player                                  1    @ R  1500   = R     1500.00

Newspaper rack                          1    @ R  1000   = R     1000.00

Lockable TV Stand                     1    @ R  1000   = R     1000.00

TOTAL EXPENSES                       R 228,600.00 = $28575

Suggested Financing (for discussion)

RC Algoa Bay                   $4000

D9320                                 $2500

Host sponsor Club         $2684

2nd sponsor Club            $  800

3rd sponsor Club             $  800

District of Host Club      $3000

2nd District                        $1100

3rd District                         $1100

TRF Match                         $12092

Project Total                     $28575

PROJECT 2: The Lake Farm Centre

A successful institution that the Rotary Club of Algoa Bay has assisted many times over the years.

The Centre is a registered Non Profit Organization providing residential care for 90 intellectually challenged adult residents. The residents stay in 7 hostels and are looked after by 37 staff members including 12 house parents and 5 workshop instructors. In this farm village the residents work, farm, play sport, dance, worship, play music in a band, do gardening and daily household chores.

Some of the residents suffer from epileptic fits, psychiatric illnesses, hearing, visual and other physical challenges. About 35 of the residents are orphans and do not receive financial or social support from their families.


  • 3 Units require ramps in order to cater for residents who are frail and use wheelchairs for mobility. These ramps will be purchased to improve mobility for residents.

Cost: 3 ramps @ R 8000 = R 24000

  • Paraplegic Showers

These residents find it difficult to get into and out of baths. Need to provide three shower cubicles and equipment for one hostel

Cost: 3 shower cubicles and shower equipment R 27 000.00

  • Physical Therapy

This is essential for residents. The need for a suitable exercise machine that does not require too much personal motivation, technical skill or coordination is needed eg for cerebral palsy residents.

Cost R 8000

  • Security

Crime is always a concern and there have been increasing incidents of crime in the area.  The CCTV system needs additional cameras and security lights.

Cost R 6000

At the main entrance the remote controlled swing gates need upgrading. The two motors are old and need replacement

Cost: R 9735

TOTAL REQUEST: R 74735.00 = $9342

Proposed Financing (For discussion)

RC Algoa Bay                           $1500

D9320                                        $  500

Sponsor Club                           $  500

Sponsor Club’s district        $1000

Club B                                         $  450

Club C                                         $  450

D                                                   $  500

D                                                   $  500

TRF Match                                $3950

Project Total                           $9350

PROJECT 3: Alpha School


This school, situated in one of the poorest areas of Port Elizabeth, is rather special because of the initiatives they have shown. The school has produced some outstanding citizens, including Prof Derrik Swartz (Rector and Vice Principal of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) in Port Elizabeth.

Altogether the school has 24 motivated and qualified educators under their principal Mr A. Arendse and an enrolment of 806 learners, ranging from Grade R to Grade 7.

Earlier this year 5 classrooms burnt down and were totally destroyed.  Largely through the efforts of individuals in the Algoa Bay Rotary Club who wrote to the MEC in charge of Public Works the classrooms have not only been rebuilt, but both the boys’ and girls’ toilets and a new Grade R (pre-school year) classroom provided.  The staffroom and offices were recently redecorated and upgraded by a group of Irish teachers

The entire school property has been fenced off with razor wire and new gates and alarm system installed.

It is very encouraging to note that local businesses have supported the school so enthusiastically:

a)  Grinaker LTA have provided a mobile office block with 20 network stations to house the 20 computers that the Algoa Bay Rotary Club and other donors have supplied.

b)  Dimension Data have undertaken to supply the computer software and complete the networking

c)   An air-conditioned container has been donated by African Bank and this will house the newly-established library

d)   Prof Swartz, a former pupil of the school, has arranged that a caretaker’s cottage will be erected on the school site in which a carefully selected family will live. This innovation will increase the security even further

Over the past year this school has been completely transformed by hard work and vision of the principal and his staff,.

What is needed now to complete the transformation of the school and allow the learners a top class education are the following:-

4 TV sets                                                      R12 000

4 DVD players                                            R2 500

6 Overhead Projectors                           R12 000

6 OHP Screens                                            R 7 000

6 OHP trolleys                                             R12 000

12  Tape Recorder/CD players              R8 500

2 Laminating machines                             R1 500

a Phot0oc0opy machine                           R 30  000

a Yamaha keyboard                                     R3 000

class sets of readers, dictionaries etc   R5 000

Library books                                                  R7 000

Total                                                                     R112500 = $14060

Proposed Financing (for discussion)

Rotary Club of Algoa Bay           $3106

D9320                                                 $750

Sponsor Club                                   $2000

Sponsor club’s district                 $2000

Club B                                                  $ 600

TRF Match                                         $5603

Project Total                                     $14059

PROJECT 4:  Alzheimers Association of the Eastern Cape


Part of the function of this Association is to train care givers in the community on the management of the Alzheimer’s patient and how to support the family of the sufferer. We need to note that many sufferers are in rural, poorly resourced areas and the use of care givers from the community is vital in the support programme.

Training of care givers has to take place in the communities where facilities such as clinics, senior citizens’ homes and frail care centres are used.

In  order to facilitate this training there is an urgent need for a laptop computer and a data projector.

Cost requested:  R 11000.00 = $1375

This equipment will also greatly assist in creating awareness of the Association, and Alzheimers Disease.

Proposed Financing (for discussion)

RC Algoa Bay         $318

Sponsor Club         $600

TRF Match            $459

Project Total         $1377

PROJECT 5:  Blumendal Youth Orchestra

This Youth Orchestra has been growing and achieving success. It is an orchestra that serves children in a poor community and gives them the opportunity of learning skills which normally they would not have, including skills (musical and social) which is so essential for each individual.

The orchestra has at any one time 50-60 children ranging in age from 10 to 18. They have played in a number of environments including with the East Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and at numerous concerts.

Children with little hope now have a discipline and interest. It is interesting that 6 previous members are now studying at the local university – something that was not in their plans until joining the orchestra and experiencing discipline that goes with it – a life changing experience.

Requirements: Yamaha Drumkit                    R 7995.00

Gibralter Round Throne                                     R   495.00

20 Concert Music Stands                                   R  5500.0

TOTAL                                                                       R 13 990.00  = $1750

Proposed Financing (For discussion)

RC Algoa Bay                   $404

D9320                                $100

Sponsor Club                   $630

TRF Match                        $617

Project Total                   $1751

Project 6 : Further cataract Surgeries


The Rotary Club of Algoa Bay is busy on a MG for cataract surgeries, with the help of our sponsor friends. We initially hoped to do 32 surgeries but have been able to negotiate with another hospital and we are now able to do 120 operations with the same amount of money. We have thus far done 80 surgeries. The list of indigent persons waiting for cataract surgery far exceeds the number we will be able to do in the present MG. Hence we seek further support to carry on with the project.

Recently a man was due to lose his job as a heavy duty bus driver as he was not able to renew his license when he failed the eye test. He was diagnosed with cataract problems. We were able to have him as one of our patients and he is driving again after his surgery and has thus never become a loss to the economy or unable to support his dependents.

Proposed Financing (for discussion)

RC Algoa Bay                   $2500

D9320                                 $  500

Sponsor Club                   $2000

Sponsor Club’s district $2000

Club B                                  $  600

Club C                                  $  600

Dist B                                   $1000

Dist C                                   $1000

TRF Match                         $7050

Project Total                     $17650