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Nov/Dec 2010 Anns Bulletin

Congratulations to our Big Draw winner – Judy Giles!
T hank you, fellow Anns, for your enormous effort and support and exceptional expertise which ensured another successful Big Draw.
Let’s take a moment to reflect, and use our World Cup as an analogy. There were many prophets of doom, including many of us countrymen, who thought South Africa could never pull it off. And what a spectacular time we had! Likewise, as Michelle said at our meeting earlier this month, there was anxiety and apprehension with the dramatic change in venue for Christmas in the Home last month. And what a success that was!
And so it was with the Big Draw catering changes this year. Undertaken with courage and foresight – and trepidation – the end result is positive. This, Anns, was only possible through the united effort and support of each and every dedicated Ann.
As with any change, new challenges come about. These obviously need to be analysed, ironed-out, improved and changed where needed.
Nothing went to waste! All left-over food and dessert was taken to Alpha Primary School yesterday morning. This was a touching experience. No other food was available to these needy children on this particular day – and along came this timely provision and blessing! In fact, some of the children had never seen food on a stick, let alone eat it!
We can be proud of our Anns’ club. Do you know that as we stand firm, we’re a shining example to many clubs in our District, many of whom are flailing due to changing circumstances. Let’s protect this.
I stand amazed at the commitment and devotion of each one as you truly put ‘Service above Self’. There has been suffering and hardship amongst our Anns of late due to tragic and unforeseen circumstances. And here I’d like to reflect for a moment. Shena arrived back from Jhb on Wednesday night from her brother’s funeral, Pam’s sister was buried the week before, Joan had been in hospital for a week with asthma and still isn’t well, our president, Heather, assists with the trauma of fractured lives on an hourly basis, Thelma Lock isn’t as strong as she’d like to be, Moira had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday at 5 … I could go on and on. Where were these ladies on Thursday?? Unstintingly making a difference in our needy community through the Big Draw! Rotary is a voluntary organization and no-one had to be there.
The décor was beautiful, the food displayed with the usual fantastic flair, and the
fellowship, mostly, was abuzz.
Well done, Anns, you were great! What a privilege it is for us to be able to serve. And while
we’re about it, let’s put into practice, with each other, the words of our beautiful Anns’
prayer … ‘And, O Lord God, let us not forget to be kind’.
Your Scribe – Melanie
Our meeting takes place on Monday 6 December at 18h00 for 18h30 at Dessie’s. The tables will
be set up to seat 6 so that we can enjoy more fellowship. There will be complimentary bottles of
wine on the tables and our menu will include dessert. The price remains at R60.00pp. Please
RSVP me by Thursday, 2 December.
Reminders: Keep used Christmas wrapping paper for Sister Ethel which you can give to either
Philippa or Denise ; Merit Certificate nominations to me for December meeting.
December Birthdays & Anniversaries
Thelma Theron 7th; Noelle Pearson 24th; Annette Skelton 25th;
Susan Holmes 27th; Melanie Roberts & Nancy Tzemis 28th; Thelma Lock 31st.
John & Heather Rauch 7th (Silver); Christopher & Susan Holmes & Les & Alicia
Kirkland 9th; Vernon & Leanne Naidoo & Mike & Vivienne Wood 13th; Ian & Pixie
Pringle 14th; Lindsay & Noelle Pearson & Philip & Karin Shaw 17th;
Terry & Dorienne Baker & Roy & Megan Jones 18th.
Congratulations and celebrations! Special congratulations to Presidents John and
Heather on their Silver Wedding Anniversary.
May your day and your year be filled with blessings from above.
Dates to Diarise
29 Nov 10h40 Packing ACVV hampers at Herbert Hurd
1 Dec 10h30 ACVV Lunch at Herbert Hurd
2 Dec D-day for replies for meeting on 6th
6 Dec 18h00/18h30 Anns’ Christmas Meeting
9 Dec Rotary Club Christmas Dinner, Old Cash Store
14 Feb 2011 Anns’ Meeting

ACVV Kensington

The ANNS of the Algoa Bay Rotary Club have been very busy with their projects. Many people are thought about as they spread happiness and comfort with their incredible dedication and hard work!

Two functions which took place recently were a tea which was held at the ACVV in Kensington. This project was adopted by the Annas some time ago and food parcels are handed out to residents from time to time.

The Priory Interact Club assisted them at this tea, where they also sang to the residents, and made a generous cash donation to the Home. They have also worked with Herbert Hurd Earlyact Club on this project and have been astounded at their contribution. Rotarian, Colin Fox,is very generous in his support and assists themwith many donations of food.

The Clothing Guild, run by PE South Anns, recently held their annual handover tea where the Anns knitted  items of clothing which were distributed to various charities.

The Anns’ Club’s knitting project is a vibrant part of our outreach to the community. They have a number of volunteer knitters who assist us in making a difference. Their contribution to the Clothing Guild over the past five months was over 200 items, all lovingly and caringly knitted.

Knitters Tea at Dunant Lodge

On the 7 April 2009, the Anns held a ‘Thank You’ tea at Dunant Lodge for some of the many dedicated knitters. An amazing amount of handiwork is produced every year by these special folk. Many people are fortunate to be the receipients of their lovely handiwork. There are 12 people belonging to the Knitter Natter Group. One of the founder members , Joy Henderson – now aged 97 is still actively invloved. Adele Allen is also very involved although she says she does most of the nattering!