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Hand-over of Equipment worth R100 000 to Alpha Primary School in Gelvandale

Hand-over of Equipment worth R100 000 to Alpha Primary School in Gelvandale

The Rotary Club of Algoa Bay has been fully involved in community development since 1958, when the club was chartered.

One of the areas where the club has been particularly active is in providing equipment and facilities  to  allow educators to teach more effectively.

Alpha Primary is the 7th deserving school that has received such a Matching Grant.

Other schools helped in the past have been Sapphire Road Primary in Booysens Park, Emafini Primary in KwaDwesi, Dumani Primary in Motherwell, Colleen Glen in Theescombe to name a few

Once a deserving school has been identified and their needs established application is made to Rotary clubs in the USA, UK  etc to provide funds to meet the school’s needs: this is called a Matching Grant.

To provide quality education the principal of Alpha Primary, Mr Arendse, and his senior staff requested assistance in establishing a computer room (where the youngsters could be taught skills that will stand them in good stead in the 21st Century), a library, audio visual teaching aids (TV sets and DVD players, overhead projectors and a data projector), equipment and chemicals for the teaching of the Life Sciences (without any Science equipment or chemicals teaching until now has been done using pictures in books), library books, class readers and remedial reading books etc

All this equipment has either been paid for by the R100 000 Matching Grant or donated by members of the public, including Rotarians.

In essence the staff are now better equipped to provide quality and relevant education for some years to come to the 900 students enrolled at the school.

And the students will now be better able to reach their individual potentials and make a worthwhile contribution in their community.

Kamma Primary near the Red Location Museum is the next school we hope to assist and to this end the process of applying for a Matching Grant has already been initiated. Hopefully we will have good news for them  in 2011.

Malcom Andrew