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How to do an E make up

E Make Ups

If you were to visit a different Rotary Club meeting, you would be able to use that visit to make up a missing attendance from our own club.  This is known as a make up. An eMake-up works in the same way. The only difference is that you are visitng an eClub. eClubs are fully charatered Rotary clubs who meet online rather than for a meal. These eClubs are therefore able to offer make-up programmes on their websites for visiting Rotarians.

There are a number of eClubs to choose from.  Some eClubs are listed below.

On any day, visitors can select from many meeting programs (articles) ranging from Rotary information, case studies of successful service projects, news about our club activities, tips and hints for Rotary Clubs, and a personal growth department for Rotarians. There are many additional programs in the archives.

  2. To start, choose a makeup program to read or watch.
  3. Upon completing your makeup program, fill out the form on the bottom and click submit.

On any day, visitors can select from many meeting programs (articles) ranging from Rotary information, case studies of successful service projects, news about our club activities, tips and hints for Rotary Clubs, and a personal growth department for Rotarians. There are many additional programs in the archives.

  2. To start, choose a makeup program to read or watch.
  3. Upon completing your makeup program, fill out the form on the bottom and click submit.

The Rotary E-Club of South Africa One [No 83540] was chartered on 23rd November 2010. The sponsor club was the Rotary Club of Durban Bay.

Following the merger of D9270 and D9320 to form a new District 9370 the name of the club changed to E-Club of South Africa One.

The Club was the first Rotary E-Club on the African continent.

  1. Visit the Rotary E-Club of South Africa
  2. Read articles in our News [including our latest Club Newsletter OUTA SPACE], Links or About Us sections and please “Like” our Facebook page.
  3. Go to the Make Up form and complete it


  1. Visit the Rotary E-Club of South Africa
  2. Read articles in our News [including our latest Club Newsletter OUTA SPACE], Links or About Us sections and please “Like” our Facebook page.
  3. Go to the Make Up form and complete it




Story of the Four-Way Test By Herbert J. TaylorRotarian Herbert J. Taylor

Back in 1932, the Creditors of the Club Aluminum Company assigned me the task of saving the company from being closed out as a bankrupt organization. The company was a distributor of cookware and other household items. We found that the company owed its creditors over $400,000 more than its total assets. It was bankrupt but still alive.

At that time we borrowed $6,100 from a Chicago bank to give us a little cash on which to operate.

While we had a good product our competitors also had fine cookware with well advertised brand names. Our company also had some fine people working for it, but our competitors also had the same. Our competitors were naturally in much stronger financial condition than we were.

The Four-Way Test, created in 1932 by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor (served as RI president, 1954-1955)

With tremendous obstacles and handicaps facing us we felt that we must develop in our organization something which our competitors would not have in equal amount. We decided that it should be the character, dependability and service mindedness of our personnel.

We determined, first, to be very careful in the selection of our personnel and, second, to help them become better men and women as they progressed with our company.

We believed that “In right there is might” and we determined to do our best to always be right. Our industry, as was true of scores of other industries, had a code of ethics but the code was long, almost impossible to memorize and therefore impractical. We felt that we needed a simple measuring stick of ethics which everyone in the company could quickly memorize. We also believed that the proposed test should not tell our people what they must do, but ask them questions which would make it possible for them to find out whether their proposed plans, policies, statements or actions were right or wrong.

Considerable time was spent in developing four short questions which now make up the Four-Way Test.  Here are the four questions:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build good will and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

I placed this little test under the glass top of my desk and determined to try it out for a few days before talking to anyone else in the company about it. I had a very discouraging experience. I almost threw it into the wastepaper basket the first day when I checked everything that passed over my desk with the first question, “Is it the truth?” I never realized before how far I often was from the truth and how many untruths appeared in our company’s literature, letters and advertising.

After about sixty days of faithful constant effort on my part to live up to the Four-Way Test I was thoroughly sold on its great worth and at the same time greatly humiliated, and at times discouraged, with my own performance as president of the company. I had, however, made sufficient progress in living up to the Four-Way Test to feel qualified to talk to some of my associates about it. I discussed: it with my four department heads. You may be interested in knowing the religious faith of these four men. One was a Roman Catholic, the second a Christian Scientist, the third an Orthodox Jew and the fourth a Presbyterian.

I asked each man whether or not there was anything in the Four Way Test which was contrary to the doctrines and ideals of his particular faith. They all four agreed that truth, justice, friendliness and helpfulness not only coincided with their religious ideals, but that if constantly applied in business they should result in greater success and progress. These four men agreed to use the Four Way Test in checking proposed plans, policies, statements and advertising of the company. Later, all employees were asked to memorize and use the Four-Way Test in their relations with others.

The checking of advertising copy against the Four-Way Test resulted in the elimination of statements the truth of which could not be proved. All superlatives such as the words better, best, greatest and finest disappeared from our advertisements. As a result, the public gradually placed more confidence in what we stated in our advertisements and bought more of our products.

The constant use of the Four-Way Test caused us to change our policies covering relations with competitors. We eliminated all adverse or detrimental comments on our competitors’ products from our advertisements and literature.

When we found an opportunity to speak well of our competitors we did so. Thus, we gained the confidence and friendship of our competitors.

The application of the Four-Way Test to our relations with our own personnel and that of our suppliers and customers helped us to win their friendship and good will. We have learned that the friendship and confidence of those with whom we associate is essential to permanent success in business.

Through over twenty years of sincere effort on the part of our personnel, we have been making steady progress toward reaching the ideals expressed in the Four-Way Test. We have been rewarded with a steady increase in sales, profits and earnings of our personnel. From a bankrupt condition in 1932 our company has paid its debts in full, has paid its stockholders over one million dollars in dividends and has a present value of over two million dollars. All of these rewards have come from a cash investment of only $6,100, the Four-Way Test and some good hard working people who have faith in God and high ideals.

Intangible dividends from the use of the Four-Way Test have been even greater than the financial ones. We have enjoyed a constant increase in the good will, friendship and confidence of our customers, our competitors and the public and what is even more valuable, a great improvement in the moral character of our own personnel.

We have found that you cannot constantly apply the Four-Way Test to all your relations with others eight hours each day in, business without getting into the habit of doing it in your home, social and community life. You thus become a better father, a better friend and a better citizen.”

Rotary Family Health Days

img_3301 img_3340

Catherine with one of our add-on services - Procydin

Catherine with one of our add-on services – Procydin

SAPS offering affidavit services with newest Rotarian Jaco

SAPS offering affidavit services with newest Rotarian Jaco

Lovely Long Queues

Lovely Long Queues

One of the more common over the counter antifungal creams is clotrimazole, which goes by the brand names Lotrimin AF Athlete’s Foot Cream or Lotrimin AF Jock Itch Cream (in the United States) and Canesten (in Canada).
Given out apples at Registration

Given out apples at Registration

Rotaractors on Duty

Rotaractors on Duty

The DOH Head , Adele with Site Chairman Catherine and the oldest patient aged 95

The DOH Head , Adele with Site Chairman Catherine and the oldest patient aged 95

Rotary Family Health Days 2016

Rotary Family Health Days 2016

To Understand where Rotary Family Health Days fits into the world of Rotary, one has to understand the six focus areas of Rotary International and how the Rotary Action Groups (RAG) fits into it.

Rotary Family Health Days fit into “Disease Prevention & Treatment”, and “Maternal & Child Health”

 Who are Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS prevention? (RFHA)

Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention is a Rotarian Action Group, recognized by Rotary International. The members are Rotarians from all over the world. The group is an independent Non-Profit Organization governed by 14 trustees and led by a Chief Executive Officer with seven country teams in Africa. They have recently done a pilot project in India as well.

The group is also the mobilizing partner for Rotary International on the LARGEST Disease Prevention Programme after Polio namely Rotary Family Health Days.

The Vision:

Saving and improving 5 million lives by 2020

The Mission:

To save and improve the lives of children and families who lack access to preventative health care and education.

What are the Rotary Family Health Day’s?

Rotary Family Health Days (RFHD) is the signature program of Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS prevention (RFHA).

It is an immense and impactful, Rotary-led Nationwide health campaign held over three days in multiple African countries. Providing comprehensive free health care and screening services at selected sites to communities around the country. The assessed value of the Programme is US $ 18 million

How does the Partnership Works?

Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention is the linchpin to the Public/Private Partnership that drives the Rotary Family Health Days.  Each component of the partnership is critically important as the entire model is based on all partners working together as a whole. Remove one and the model cannot function at all.

The next question could be “Does this model work?” The answer is easy, YES! it does, and here are the reasons why it works:

Rotarians For Family Health and AIDS Prevention (RFHA) is the convening organization and responsible for the overall quality control (center in the diagram above) The model is “Asset light” with low capital expenditure. RFHA obtains external funding

The programme is large-scale, comprehensive and high profile. Each partner donates their services and has a clear distinct role with NO competition between partners.

Rotarians For Family Health and AIDS Prevention (RFHA) is responsible for monitoring and evaluation to improve sustainability and impact to partners.

Lastly, clients trust us because of the Rotary Brand and Rotarians always enjoy their fellowship and working together as a team on projects.

Partners in Africa

Data collection is also very critical to the event, the reason being:

  • Vital for sustainability of programme
  • Data collection tools designed with Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and National Department of Health
  • Collected and processed by dedicated Rotarians at each site
  • Reporting through dedicated structures on a head count and services rendered at each site
  • Final report shared with all partners
  • Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS prevention & Rotary owns but shares this data with partners
  • 3 Month Impact pilot study
  • 2016: 9 Provinces

Services provided in previous years (also planned for this year) were the regular Department of Health HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) Campaign and the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI). Nutrition and lifestyle choices, male circumcision, cervical cancer, malaria and various Rotary add-on services. (optometry, dentistry, and mental health to name a few) and the results?

This is the impact made by all the partners involved in the program. We need to remember that the entire model of this campaign, from the president of Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention right down to the clubs and Rotarians in the field have one common purpose. To establish a site that will serve the community surrounding it. Everything we do comes back to the site, and we as Rotarians are responsible for that critical component. (see image below)

Partnership, Sponsorship’s and Add On’s

Partnership: This is the part that glues it all together, the partnership between Rotary and the Department of Health. Like any relationship, it will need work and constant effort to understand each other in the beginning. As the relationship grows, the understanding becomes easier and the communication a whole lot smoother!

Sponsorship’s: Just imagine your biggest dream stays just that, a dream because there were no resources to develop that dream. That is the value of sponsors, they are the people/groups that assist us all in making the dream come true.

Add On’s: Some may ask what the rambling is all about, “Add On’s”, but this is the proverbial JAM that the Rotary clubs are bringing to the campaign. Optometry (a huge favorite in the communities) dentistry, mental health, counseling to name but a few. The core services of the campaign are in place, but with the added services the whole campaign goes into overdrive.

Put all these components together at a site, and the impact in that community is extraordinary!! One group, or any one part of the group, cannot succeed in making a success of a site. The collaboration of all the members and a solid communication channel will make any site a success story. We need to share the good and the bad, with the sole intent of building a great partnership. It will take a lot of energy from us all, but the end result will be worth all the time and effort that went into building the relationship.






Club Activities

Join the Rotary Family and become involved in a world of wonderful activities showing care in our community

The Gift Of Joy



The Gift of Joy was a superb team effort made by The Rotary Club Of Algoa Bay. It was launched in 2015 as a new project and worked out splendidly! Originally, The Rotary Club Of Algoa Bay worked alongside other Rotary Clubs in PE under the project name “Tree Of Joy” and it was always such a rewarding experience; However, with the growth of the project and the logistics of managing all the Rotarians, it was felt that the project should be run as an individual Project of our Rotary Club to allow us to have more input on how the project is run (including the locations).

The name change was requested by PE West and also avoided confusion by the public when gifts were being returned.

Decisions which were unique to The Gift Of Joy project were the following:

  • All sizes of gifts were controlled and standardised by using gift bags. It was felt that this was fair to children who would be receiving the gifts.
  • It was decided to supply the public with gift bags which meant that the storage and collection of the gifts was manageable.
  • We promoted the idea of having pre-packed bags which catered to the requests from the charities. It was anticipated that many shoppers didn’t have the time to shop but wanted to participate in choosing a beneficiary and simply handing over a sum of money, which was the case for most sponsorships..
  • The committee also decided that R100 was a more acceptable amount than the Tree of Joy R150..
  • It was further decided to partner with a shopping centre where it was felt there would be more disposable income

All of the above decisions were validated when we ran the project for the first time


The NameOfficially it is “The  Gift Of Joy,” but Rotarians do shorten the name to “Gift of Joy.”
Locations  in 2015

  • Brookes-on-the-Bay (Brookes Hill Pavilion)
  • Walmer Park Shopping Centre

Both of these venues were good, but our roster did not allocate Rotarians to the Brookes On the Bay Pavilion; so unfortunately we could not maintain management of this spot for longer than a week. We did raise about R1000 cash from this venue as well as 5x gift bags. The centre manager – Jemé Beukes – should be thanked for her superb effort and input.
Both venues have invited us back next year and we have had interest from the Bay West Mall who telephoned me asking whether we could  put up a desk there. Because of the short notice, we could not; But it is all but certain that The Gift of Joy will have presence in Bay West in 2016.

The Timetable

The timetable was drawn up by Jeff and only two Rotarians did not show up for their shift.

Rotarians really enjoyed this project and many supported it by purchasing gifts themselves.

In future, there is a need to incorporate all venues into the timetable and perhaps it is not necessary to have two Rotarians as well as a paid volunteer in each time slot, especially because the system has been streamlined so much. There are definite times in the day when is it very quiet and specific days nearer to Christmas Day when it is busier. The early part of the morning was generally very quiet.
The Card System

The new card system was much better than the old system previously used by the Tree of Joy. In future, Dane would like to use a generic “RED” thank you card so that it alleviates looking up a corresponding card number; because cards sometimes get mixed up.
We feel that sponsors are not concerned whether they have a corresponding thank you from their specific beneficiary and this will make the card system very smooth and speedy. Many sponsors did not take their thank you red card; so the above will streamline this as well. Cards will only be given out if wanted.
Supporters are also not utilising the personalised message area on the card; nor are beneficiaries – so it is wasted area.
It has also been suggested that all cards be stored numerically instead of in the different charity boxes in order to further streamline the look-up process. They can be put out in groups according to the charities.
We also feel that a checklist to make sure that each beneficiary has received a gift would be a great form of control. This checklist must be done towards the end of the project so that no one is left out. It has also been suggested that we only accept money donations so we may pack the standardised gifts ourselves and not ask for people to shop – This will be discussed later in the year.

The pre-packaged gifts worked extremely well! We managed to secure a buyer’s card from a wholesaler in town so we are able to buy toiletries, toys, and even sweet treats at a considerably lower price. A retail value of ±R160 for R100!
I think that it would be a great fellowship idea if we had a “packing parcels fellowship” one evening where Rotarians could pack our Gifts Of Joy Bags
I also feel that we should streamline the bags into the following:

  • Christmas Treat Hampers – Young people
  • Christmas Treat Hampers- Senior people
  • Toys
  • Stationery
  • Toiletries
  • These were definitely the preferred choices
  • We also got lots of bars of chocolate from Cadburys  through Denise Long which we included into the adult hamper packs

Pull up Banners

We bought three pull up banners and one vinyl sign.
It has been suggested that we get another pull up banner with full details of How The Gift of Joy works
Security of Money Concerns

Cash money was collected daily by myself and amounted to quite a lot.
Most of the buying I did with my own business card and I deposited the cash into my own card account to balance. The cash deposit fees are unfortunately quite high and although I absorbed the costs myself last year, this will be a real cost as we are hoping to buy the gifts in advance this year.
Human Resources

We had a Rotaractor managing the stall and this worked well, although I personally feel that we should have allowed her to complete the time until the 20 December as about 9 gifts were returned after we had closed up and which were dropped off at the centre management office.
Printing of Cards

Bukani has to be thanked as all the cards were sponsored by Bukani / Alan Taylor
Gift Wrapping

The Gift bags were a hit and we have still got about 300 in stock for the 2016 table!

We supplied 317  gifts but we really could have catered for many more. We were hesitant to take on beneficiaries which had not been verified by Les.
The organisations which we supported were:

  • Lake Farm
  • Cleary Park Cheshire
  • Cheshire- Summerstrand
  • Carehaven
  • Happy Feet
  • Khaya Cheshire
  • Echo Foundation
  • Walmer Outreach
  • SOS Children’s Village in Schauderville
  • SOS Children’s Village in Overbaakens

Perhaps we can work on obtaining a list of Beneficiaries earlier in the year
Money Matters – All slips for expenditure have been retained for validation

Cash Money Received from Sponsors for specific beneficiaries R13 550
Money Received in advance from Club Funds R1400
Donations R250
Packed 140  Bags R14 000
Had to re buy for 9 bags which only contained a packet of marshmallows R500
Had to buy for 6 Bags which were not returned in time R600

At one point I felt that we perhaps could have made a small profit because of our buying advantage; but unfortunately we did not foresee that some gifts (nine!) were not to the R100 value at all – five that we opened only contained a R10 packet of marshmallows and a small packet of nik naks! So, we had to supplement these bags.

We also had to shop for 9 cards which were not returned as we had decided to close earlier than anticipated – originally we thought it was only for 6.

12289620_852114501572179_178669670352096668_n 12313998_10156511263610019_2491570798933364163_n 11049109_10156512084810019_5494891923531904793_o 12341193_10153520994167639_3697033506507979301_nThese gifts were eventually returned after we had closed and were sent to Echo Foundation where the matron assured me should would give them out to needy people.

Only one person from Lake farm received their gift after the Christmas period due to falling through the system –  A gentleman of 69  (Johan) –  but he was apparently thrilled when he did receive his package and it was bumped up with a lot of extra goodies to clear out my store!

A further suggestion is to gladly accept any donations from people wanting to make a difference. Perhaps someone is not able to donate a full R100 but wants to also help.

After calculations have been finished, we have an excess of R100 – from such donations! 

Happy New Year !

We Welcome 2016 and all the wonderful new opportunities waiting for us all !

Wishing you all some super memories in the year ahead !

IMG_6287Fireworks at the Board walk in Port Elizabeth

Big Draw ….Tickets Sold Out to this wonderful event!


Rotary Family Health Days

From the 7-9 October , the annual Rotary Family Health Days were held at Gelvandale Stadium in Port Elizabeth . Over one thousand people were able to come and learn the health status of their bodies .

The Department of Health and Rotarians from all the clubs in the Metropol worked together to make a huge difference

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