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Wheelchairs to the community

Last week, the Rotary Club of Algoa Bay handed out much needed wheelchairs to the community.



As our club’s latest project – these wheelchairs were purchased with funds raised over the year and given out to those in need.

Thank you to all those who supported our fund raising events throughout the year, those funds enable us to give back to our community.

The wheelchairs were distributed from Cheshire Homes in Summerstrand.

Rotary – Service above self



Rotary Club of Algoa Bay’s Big Draw

The Big Draw is our Rotary Club’s main fund-raising event of the year.  The event is held at Grey Junior School and is a great evening to be had. The purchase of a ticket to Big Draws gives you entry into our evening’s draw as well as a feast of finger foods and refreshments. There are three main cash prizes to be won with lots of other lucky draw items.  The money raised at this event are used to fund the clubs various projects.

We look forward to seeing you at our event on the 23rd November 2017.



Rotary Fundraiser – Drakensberg Boys Choir visit to PE

A great event to support. All tickets sold through Computicket – don’t delay.  All proceeds go to the Rotary Club of Algoa Bay.

Rotary Algoa Bay Fundraiser – The Muck Run

The Rotary Club of Algoa Bay sold Boerewors rolls at the Muck Run this weekend as a club fundraiser. What a great way to celebrate fellowship and raise funds to support our project. 

Diaz Digest 40 – 18 April

Happy Birthday Rotary Club Aloga Bay

On the 11th April 2017, our Rotary Club celebrated their annual charter Dinner.  on This year, the club turned 59!

During the evening, Rtn Tommy Bornman addressed the club about his work and in marine biology.  A new member was also inducted – welcome  Placide Ebongue.

Diaz Digest 32 – 21 February 2017

Wonderboxes to Early Inspiration

After a request from Early Inspiration,  the Rotary Club of Algoa Bay donated Wonderboxes to the project. Wonderbox are heat retention cookers which provides an low-energy solution to cooking. This can be especially useful when preparing traditionally long-cooking food such as beans and pulses. The Wonderboxes were acquired by the club at the Rotary Family Health days.


Wonderboxes hand over

The Rotary Club, already a supporter of the Early Inspiration Project, handed over the five Wonderboxes last week.  Early Inspiration is an organization with a vision to see children’s lives in South Africa changed. A vision to see the children of today developed into ambitious,  confident, knowledgeable, dynamic leaders through teacher training and home visit and parent programmes in underprivileged communities.



Diaz Digest 28 – 24 January 2017

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Stationery for Heatherbank Pre-Primary

This week the Rotary Club of Algoa Bay  received a thank you letter from the Heatherbank Pre-Primary School. We contributed to their purchase of stationery for for 2016. Below are some pictures sent to us and their ‘thank yous’.

“Thank you for your very generous donation of stationery to us today.  I was unpacking it after the meeting, and am very appreciative”.


“The Grade 3’s are very excited that they will be getting their own packs of koki pens next year and won’t have to share! “


“Thank you, for allowing me to bring such joy to the learners this year. The programme has been such a success that the school is continuing with it in 2017”




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